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Goldleaf is a science-forward printing company for the cannabis community—simplifying the latest research and pairing it with minimalist design. Our mission is to make the complex more approachable—beautiful, even.

cannabis poster, marijuana infographic, cannabis art, cannabis chartcannabis poster, marijuana infographic, cannabis art, cannabis chart


Our prints focus on the science behind life’s passions. Informative, visually pleasing and a perfect decor choice for the discerning enthusiast.

Goldleaf Art Print Specifics:

Print 1

Print 1

recycled paper, hemp paper, sustainable paper

recycled paper, hemp paper, sustainable paper

usa printing, print factory, united states company

usa printing, print factory, united states company

Premium Paper Stocks

We work to source the most sustainable and highest quality paper stocks. All of our posters use stocks approved by the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) and are made of recycled material and free from chemicals.

Non-toxic Inks

Following our dedication to quality & sustainability, each print is created using non-toxic, high-resolution inks for vivid color and depth.

Printed in the USA

We work with regional print partners in Ohio and North Carolina who have decades of printing experience and an excellent track record of responsibility.

poster hanger, poster rails, art print frame, lightweight frame, wood print railposter hanger, poster rails, art print frame, lightweight frame, wood print rail

Activation Temperature Chart with 18″ set of Black Walnut Hanging Rails

maple wood, black walnut wood, wood frame, hanging rails, wood hanging railmaple wood, black walnut wood, wood frame, hanging rails, wood hanging rail American Hardwoods

Choose from Black Walnut (dark) or Maple (light). All sourced from reclaimed wood sources.

Wooden Poster Hanging Rails

Sold Separately

The Goldleaf Hardwood Hanging Rail sets were designed to compliment your art print. Available in 18″ and 24″ lengths, they are a perfect minimalist display option for your home or office.

18″ or 24″ Lengths to match your print Black Wanut (dark wood) or Maple (light wood) Comes with Waxed Black Hanging Cord Sold Separately

Details 15 cannabis concentrates (dabs) and compares the flavor, purity & potency of each
Data gathered from over 100 experts in the legal cannabis industry including growers and processors
Perfect for any cannabis enthusiast, dispensary, health advocate or science lover
Designed by Goldleaf in collaboration with MJ Arsenal, Printed in the USA

What is an Infographic?

The three pieces of most infographics would be the visible, the content, and the knowledge. The visible consists of shades and graphics. You will find two various kinds of artwork – topic, and reference. Design design are a part of all infographics and symbolize the underlying visible illustration of the data. Research design are generally celebrities that can be used to point out particular data, even though they’re not always present in infographics. Statistics and facts frequently serve as the content for infographics and may be purchased from any number of resources, including census knowledge and media reports. One of the main aspects of infographics is which they include some type of understanding in to the information that they’re presenting – this is the knowledge.

Infographics are effective due to their visible element. Individuals receive input from all five of their senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste), nevertheless they receive significantly more information from vision than any of the other four. Fifty percent of the human mind is dedicated to visual features, and pictures are processed faster than text. The mind techniques images all at once, but processes text in a linear fashion, meaning it takes a lot longer to acquire data from text. Entire company procedures or business industries may be built strongly related a fresh market via a advice style approach that leads the eye. The page may url to a complete report, but the infographic primes the reader creating the subject-matter more accessible. Online developments, like the increasingly short interest period of Net people, in addition has contributed to the increasing reputation and performance of infographics.

When designing the visual part of an infographic , numerous concerns must be made to improve the effectiveness of the visualization. The six the different parts of visual development are spatial, scars, connection, fencing, retinal homes, and temporal encoding.[4] All these could be utilized in its way to represent associations between various kinds of data. Nevertheless, studies demonstrate that spatial position is the very best method to represent statistical knowledge and contributes to the fastest and best knowledge by viewers.[3] Therefore, the makers usually spatially represent the most important relationship being portrayed within an infographic.

There’s also three basic provisions of interaction that must be assessed when developing an infographic – attraction, knowledge, and retention. “Attraction” may be the idea that the transmission wants to engage their audience. Awareness signifies that the person should be able to simply realize the data that is shown to them. And eventually, “retention” ensures that the person must recall the information shown by the infographic. The purchase of significance of these provisions depends on the purpose of the infographic. If the infographic is supposed to express information in an unbiased way, such as in the domains of academia or technology, understanding is highly recommended first, then preservation, and eventually appeal. However, if the infographic has been useful for commercial applications, then appeal becomes most significant, followed by maintenance and comprehension. When infographics are being employed for editorial purposes, such as in a magazine, the attraction is again most critical but is used first by understanding and then retention.

But, the charm and the maintenance can in practice be assembled by the assistance of a comprehensible design design. Lately, as an attempt to examine the effectation of the design of an infographic on the comprehension of the audiences, a new Neural Network based cognitive load estimation technique was applied on several types of popular layouts for the infographic design. When the types of facets listed above are taken into account when designing infographics, they can be quite a very efficient and effective solution to share big levels of data in a visible manner.