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Help make your classroom a cyberbully free zone!

THINK Poster for ClassroomTHINK Poster for Classroom

Remind students to THINK if they are posting something True, Honest, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind to social media sites.

This educational poster encourages students to THINK before they post on social media sites. This bright and fun poster is the perfect decoration for any elementary school, middle school, or high school classroom… and maybe the workplace too. More than your average wall decoration, this colorful poster will foster an environment of kindness and respect in your classroom and will help students both in school and out of school.

EXCELLENT QUALITY – Vivid colors and high quality (100#) paper. Manufactured with double sided 3 mil thick encapsulated lamination and sealed on all sides to protect against dirt, dust, moisture and humidity.2 SIZES AVAILABLE – 12″x18″ and 17″x22″ENJOY SAVINGS when you purchase multipacks.MADE IN THE USA – All of our posters are printed in the USA and shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes.

Encourage kindness and respect in your classroom or workplace with our anti bullying & inspirational posters

4 Types of Bullying Poster

4 Types of Bullying Poster

Watch Your Thoughts Inspirational Poster for Classroom and Workplace

Watch Your Thoughts Inspirational Poster for Classroom and Workplace



4 Types of Bullying Poster

SAY NO to bullying with this educational and motivational posterEDUCATIONAL – Teach students and adults to recognize verbal, social, physical, and cyber bullyingENCOURAGE an environment of safety, kindness, and respect in your classroom or workplace


Watch Your Thoughts Poster

INSPIRATIOINAL POSTER encourages students and employees to do their best by watching their words, actions and habitsDISCOURAGE bullying and foster an environment or kindness and respectA MUST HAVE – Perfect for middle and high school classrooms, teen’s rooms, and the workplace


Classroom Rules Poster

CLASSROOM RULES poster sets behavioral expectations for the school yearENCOURAGE responsibility, respect, and a love of learning in your classroomFOR ALL CLASSROOMS – Perfect for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms


⭐ THINK acronym poster reminds students to think before they post on social media sites
⭐ This kindness poster is a must have to help discourage cyber bullying and to foster an environment of kindness and respect in the classroom
⭐ Excellent Quality – Manufactured with double sided 3 mil thick encapsulated lamination and sealed on all sides to protect against dirt, dust, moisture and humidity. Printed on heavy (100#) paper
⭐ Ideal Size – Measures 12 x 18 inches
⭐ All of our posters are designed and printed in the USA and shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes

What is an Infographic?

The three components of infographics are the visible, the information, and the knowledge. The visual consists of shades and graphics. There are two several types of artwork – topic, and reference. Concept artwork are included in all infographics and signify the main aesthetic representation of the data. Research graphics are generally designs that may be used to indicate specific knowledge, though they’re not at all times within infographics. Statistics and facts frequently function as this content for infographics and can be purchased from any number of places, including census information and media reports. Certainly one of the main aspects of infographics is which they contain some type of insight in to the information that they’re showing – here is the knowledge.

Infographics are efficient for their visible element. Humans receive input from all five of the senses (sight, feel, reading, smell, taste), nevertheless they receive much more information from perspective than some of the other four. Fifty percent of the human head is focused on visible functions, and images are prepared quicker than text. The brain techniques pictures all at once, but processes text in a linear fashion, indicating it requires considerably longer to obtain data from text. Entire business processes or business groups could be made relevant to a new market via a guidance design technique that brings the eye. The site may possibly link to a whole record, however the infographic primes the audience making the subject-matter more accessible. On the web traits, such as the increasingly small interest span of Web customers, has also contributed to the raising acceptance and usefulness of infographics.

When developing the visual part of an infographic , numerous considerations must be designed to optimize the potency of the visualization. The six components of aesthetic encoding are spatial, marks, connection, fencing, retinal homes, and temporal encoding.[4] Each one of these can be employed in its method to symbolize relationships between various kinds of data. But, studies have shown that spatial place is the most effective way to represent exact data and results in the quickest and best knowledge by viewers.[3] Therefore, the designers frequently spatially symbolize the most crucial connection being portrayed in a infographic.

Additionally, there are three standard provisions of communication that have to be assessed when developing an infographic – appeal, understanding, and retention. “Appeal” may be the proven fact that the conversation needs to interact its audience. Knowledge suggests that the viewer should manage to simply realize the info that’s presented to them. And eventually, “preservation” means that the audience should remember the data shown by the infographic. The purchase of importance of these provisions depends upon the objective of the infographic. If the infographic is supposed to convey information within an unbiased way, such as in the domains of academia or research, understanding should be considered first, then preservation, and finally appeal. But, if the infographic has been employed for professional purposes, then charm becomes most critical, followed by maintenance and comprehension. When infographics are being useful for editorial applications, such as for instance in a newspaper, the appeal is again most important but is followed first by understanding and then retention.

However, the appeal and the maintenance can used be assembled by the assistance of a comprehensible layout design. Lately, as an effort to examine the effect of the structure of an infographic on the knowledge of the audiences, a new Neural System centered cognitive fill opinion process was applied on different types of popular layouts for the infographic design. When the varieties of facets listed above are taken into consideration when designing infographics, they can be quite a highly effective and powerful way to communicate big amounts of information in a visible manner.