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Product Description

Our dotting set can meet your different needs. It’s worth for you!

Features & Benefits:

Selective: Each acrylic rod is incised accurately, comfortable and smooth. Double-ended dotting pens are very fit for painting dots, clay seam, paper arts, nail art design and more. The fur of the brush is suitable for pigment dipping. The pencil is fit for marking on the rocks, black paper boards or other places you like.

Human-friendly: The bag as a gift for you is convenient for you to store tools and take them with you.

Package includes:

8 x Acrylic rods

5 x Double-ended acrylic dotting pens

5 x Double-ended wooden dotting pens

5 x Paint brushes

1 x White pencil

1 x Storage bag


Please be reminded that there may be some slight differences between the color tone of the pictures and that of the actual items due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness and contrast settings, etc.

There may be dimension errors to some degree due to manual measurement.

Please pay attention that it suits for flat surface rocks and please make the pen 90 degree to the surface when you are dotting.

8 × Acrylic Rods 5 × Double Sided Dotting Tools 4 × Mandala Stencils 1 × Paint Tray 10 x diamond sticky pen ( 10 different type) 24 x glue 52 x sticker 4 x different types plastic plates 2 x tweezer 4 x lable stickers 1 x diamond embroidery box 1 x case 1 x tweezer 1 x scrapper 2 x hooks or picks 2 x scrapers 2 x tweezers 1 x hook 1 x spatula 1 x sponge

A complete set – The package includes 8 acrylic rods, 5 double-ended acrylic dotting pens, 5 double-ended wooden dotting pens, 5 paint brushes, 1 white pencil and 1 bag to store them. Our set can provide you with complete tools to paint
A rang of uses – They are not only suitable for rocks paintings, but also fit for painting on the papers, woods, canvas, fabrics, metals, furniture, walls, etc. No matter you are a professional painter or just a amateur painter, they are the ideal choice for you
Easy to Clean – Acrylic rods, double-ended acrylic dotting pens and paint brushes are easy to clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. They can always keep a new look and you can use them repeatedly
High quality – Acrylic rods: acrylic material; the balls of the double-ended dotting pens: stainless steel and the handles: acrylic material or wood; the pen-holder of the brush: wood and aluminium and the fur: nylon wool; penholder of the pencil: wood; bag: PVC
Measurement – The length of the acrylic rods: 15 cm, with 8 diameters; length of double-ended dotting pens: 13 cm, with two ends in the different sizes; both size of the fur of paint brush and the length of paint brush have 5 sizes; size (l x w) of the pencil is 17.8 cm x 8 mm; size of the bag is 21 x 15 cm

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